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Noise Problems? - We can help you solve them.
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- Investigate any Noise Problem
- Assess and offer Practical Solutions
- Measure and Analyse Environmental Noise
- Design Manufacture and Install Soundproofing
- Supply Noise Control Materials
(We stock a wide range
of materials all of which can be fabricated to your own requirements.
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The Problem:

One of the major and most underestimated forms of pollution affecting our lives today is industrial noise. It can impair our health in many ways and consequently affect both performance at work and activities at home. Its effects range from the reduction of efficiency, with an increase in errors and accidents, to the major hazard of induced deafness.

There is an increasing awareness of the effects of noise. Government, Insurance Companies and Unions are bringing increasing pressure on companies to improve working environments.

Environmental noise is one of the prime complaints received by Environmental Health Officers.

The Solution:

There is no standard solution for all noise problems, and although the noise reduction attained is of prime importance, the methods of achieving this vary greatly. In virtually every situation, specialist technical assistance is needed to establish the optimum solution for a particular problem.

We have now been established for over 24 years as Noise Control Engineers. During this time our engineers have accumulated a very broad practical training in solving noise problems.

Our product range includes: acoustic enclosures, acoustic curtains, sound havens, sound reducing doors, acoustic guards, noise absorbers, quiet test rooms and a wide range of noise control materials.

Services offered include: all types of noise measurement and analysis. We can assess environmental noise and factory noise in accordance with the Noise at Work Regulations to meet HSE requirements.

Our Aim:

To analyses your noise problem and propose the most practical and cost effective way of reducing the noise to below your or legal requirements.
We have our own in-house manufacturing facility enabling us to manufacture supply and fit our own products.


































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